How does Uber Cash work?

Uber Cash can be used to pay for your next order as Uber Cash ¥ 1 = JPY 1.

Please note that Uber Cash added by support agents does not have an expiration date, but Uber Cash acquired in promotional campaigns has an expiration date. Please check the expiration date when you use Uber Cash. It’s not possible to select which Uber Cash to use, and the Uber Cash that expires first will be applied automatically.

How to check your Uber Cash balance

  1. Tap [Account] at the bottom of the app screen
  2. Tap [Wallet]
  3. Check your balance from the [Uber Cash ] field


  • Not displayed if there is no balance

Uber Cash can only be used in the currencies listed. Please note that the currency cannot be changed.

If you have a balance of Uber Cash , it will be automatically applied to your next order.

If you don’t want to apply Uber Cash when you place your order, tap (Payment Methods) on the cart screen and turn off (Apply Credits) under (Payment Options). , Will no longer apply.

If your total order is less than your Uber Cash balance, the balance of your Uber Cash will be available for your next order. If the total amount of your order exceeds your Uber Cash balance, the difference will be charged to your preferred payment method.