Where should I meet my delivery person?

There are 3 delivery options for receiving your order:

  1. Leave at door - Your order will be left at your door.

  2. Meet at door - The delivery person will meet you at your door.

  3. Pick up outside - You’ll meet your delivery person outside.

To get started, select your preferred delivery option, then follow the on-screen prompts to update your delivery details.

Note: If you have other special delivery instructions, you can include them before confirming your order. For example, if you select the delivery option “Leave at door”, you can include special instructions like: “Please leave my order next to the potted plant near the front door. Thanks!”.

Can I contact my delivery person before dropoff?

Once your order is on the way, you can contact your delivery person directly by tapping “Contact” on the order tracking screen. This is often the best way to coordinate an exact dropoff spot if you’re unsure where it will be. Keep in mind that your delivery person may be driving and may not be able to answer the phone or write a message.