Handling trip issues for riders

Refer to the information below when someone you arranged a trip for has an issue.

Rider can’t find the driver

Make sure to give the rider specific details (if necessary) about the pickup location. If they have a smartphone, they can see the driver’s real-time location from the text link.

If they have trouble finding the driver, they should contact them using the contact information they received in the trip details text.

Rider loses an item

If a rider left an item in the driver’s vehicle, they should contact your company to have you connect the rider with the driver.

To contact a driver about a lost item:

  1. Sign in to central.uber.com or health.uber.com.
  2. Search for the rider, go to Past rides or Completed beneath Today’s rides.
  3. Select the ride associated with the lost item to expand the ride card.
  4. Click “Report lost item” and enter the rider’s phone number.
  5. We’ll call the rider to connect them with the driver.

The search feature on the Uber Health dashboard will require an exact match on the first or last name of the rider and does not support phone number search.

You may want to instruct the rider to leave a voicemail or try again later if the driver doesn’t answer (they may be on another trip). The phone number will be anonymized, so the driver won’t be able to call the rider back.

To pay a driver for their time, a fee may be charged to your account once the lost item is returned.

Driver cancels the trip

If a driver cancels a trip before pickup, you’ll need to book another trip in the Central or Uber Health dashboard. The rider will receive a new text message or automated call with details about their new ride.

Uber Health coordinators will receive emails letting them know the ride has been canceled.

A voucher isn’t working

Make sure the trip the rider is trying to request meets the requirements you originally set for the voucher. If the rider still can’t redeem the voucher, you can edit the voucher program directly from vouchers.uber.com.

If a rider redeemed a voucher but it didn’t apply to their trip, they should contact Support via the Uber app.

Rider has a different issue

Central riders should contact Uber directly through this help article. This link will be texted to them with their ride information.

Uber Health riders should contact your healthcare organization if they have an issue. You can then contact support on behalf of the rider via the Request support button on the ride card.

To help prevent issues riders might have, use the resources below for Uber Health:

What to do if the rider isn’t receiving text notifications

If you entered the rider’s cell phone number when requesting a ride but they aren’t receiving the text messages, it’s possible that the rider has disabled text messages from Uber.

To have the rider subscribe to text messages:

Central riders should follow these steps

Uber Health riders should text START to 425-310-4746