How to contact support

To contact support for an Uber Health or Central trip issue, or on a guest’s behalf:

  1. Sign in to or
  2. Go to “Past rides” or “Completed” beneath “Today’s rides”.
  3. Expand the ride card on the trip you need support for.
  4. Click “Request support”.
    • The “Request support” button is only available on trips under “Past rides” and “Completed”.

This will open a new window allowing you to email support.

If nothing happens when you click Request support, you may need to change your email client settings or your internet browser’s site settings to allow “mailto” links to open in your email client.

If you need help, contact your IT team or email provider.

For other account issues, contact:

Uber Health - US: - UK:

Uber for Business -

If you believe your account was incorrectly charged (an incorrect trip amount or a cancellation fee, for example), please contact us within 30 days.

We’re unable to adjust a payment or refund a cancellation fee more than 30 days after the trip ends.