Can't go online to drive

First, let’s confirm you’re in the right place. Visit the following articles for help:

Uber Eats delivery

If you think your account has been hacked

If you are unable to go online, the best place to get more information is the home screen of your driver app. After attempting to go online, tap the blocker at the bottom of your screen for more information on why your account is blocked and any actions you can take.

If you are still unable to go online, you can try these common reasons or contact us below:

Network connectivity

It’s possible that you’re in an area with limited or unavailable cellular network coverage. Try moving to a location with better coverage.

Using an old app version or device operating system

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app often resolves the issue. Below are help articles for the mobile app.

Account limitations

Changes to your account status

Check your email (including spam) and the inbox section of your app for any communication from Uber about why you’re unable to go online. Common reasons include:

If you’re still having issues after checking the points above, please chat with us below.