How do delivery ratings work?

When you’ve received 10 individual ratings from businesses and customers for deliveries, your overall delivery rating will appear in your account.

To see your rating, select “Feedback” from your app menu, then tap “Delivery.” You’ll also see a selection of comments that businesses and customers gave regarding their experience with your delivery services.

HOW IS MY RATING CALCULATED? At the end of every delivery trip, businesses and their customers can use a thumbs up or thumbs down to rate their respective experiences with your delivery services. Your overall delivery rating is based on the average of your 100 latest ratings. For example, if you received a thumbs up on 90 of your 100 latest deliveries, your delivery rating would be 90%.

Please note that individuals who drive and deliver using the Driver app will have two separate ratings. Ride ratings and delivery ratings are not added or averaged together.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY OVERALL RATING IS LOW? Every city has a unique minimum overall rating that delivery people using the Driver app must stay above in order to continue to access the Driver app. You’ll be notified if your overall rating approaches the minimum rating for your city.

You can find feedback from restaurants and customers in the Driver app. Check out the article for more information:

CAN AN INDIVIDUAL RATING BE REVISED OR REMOVED? We do not change or revise individual trip ratings. However, we understand that sometimes a delivery may not go well due to circumstances beyond your control. Experiences like these can result in negative ratings that don’t reflect your efforts. Minimum delivery ratings take these types of outlier ratings into account.