How do I place an order with the store?

To place an order with the store, follow these steps:

  1. If you accept the delivery request, the app will navigate you to the store

    • We recommend following the Uber app navigation instructions and parking in a safe place
  2. Once you arrive at the store, follow the in-app instructions to place the customer’s order

    • Take note of the quantities ordered for each item
    • Item out of stock? Follow the link below for steps on how to adjust the order
    • Questions about the order? Contact us using the phone number below
  3. Pay for the order using the Plus Card provided to you, your own cash, or other preferred payment method

  4. Review and confirm the order total in the app

  5. Review the receipt provided by the store to see if the actual total is the same as the “Estimated total”

    • Tap “Correct” if the order total matches the “Estimated total”
    • Tap “Incorrect” if the order total doesn’t match the “Estimated total”. Follow the in-app instructions to adjust the price.
  6. Tap “Take photo” to upload a photo of the receipt

    • Check to make sure the photo is clear and readable
    • We’d recommend saving your receipt in case any order issues occur
  7. Tap “Payment complete” and wait for the store to prepare the order

  8. When the order is ready, confirm all items are correct

    • The customer appreciates it when you confirm all items, cutlery, condiments, etc. are included before leaving
  9. Follow the in-app instructions to deliver the order to the customer