I want to claim a cleaning fee


Cleaning fees are charged to Riders to help driver-partners if they are unable to continue driving and must clean the mess themselves or access professional cleaning services.

The cleaning fee offered to you depends on the type/size of the mess and is based on nationwide averages of professional cleaning services.

When a cleaning fee is offered, both you and your rider are informed about how much the cleaning fee is.

You can lodge your cleaning fee claim by answering the important questions in the form below. Please answer these as accurately and honestly as possible to help us understand your claim.

To help assess a cleaning fee claim you will need to provide:

  • 3 different clear photos of the mess
  • A receipt for the professional cleaning service for larger messes that require professional cleaning
  • Claim must be lodged within 3 days

Please note: Everyday items like rubbish, sand etc. should be expected as part of service delivery and will not be awarded a cleaning fee.

Also note that if claims are lodged without a receipt for the professional cleaning fee, then the full cleaning fee may not be paid.

It is important to know that the cleaning fee paid will be judged on all information provided and will decide the most suitable fee according to our policy - this may be more/less than the cost of the professional cleaning you have received.

Please let us know where the mess occurred and what kind of mess it was below (select all that apply).

Thank you for taking the time to report accurately and honestly on this incident. These kinds of reports enable us to be efficient in providing support.