Merchant Pick-Up for Large Order Deliveries

If you choose to accept a large order, you may receive a call from live support to inform you that your order has over 20 items. They may also ask to confirm that you are able to pick up and deliver a large order.

Because the order will include over 20 items, once at the merchant, you may want to verify the following:

  1. The number of bags available for pick up matches the number of bags listed in-app.
  2. All drinks are included with the order.
  3. The packaging is sturdy enough to support all items.

As with any order, feel free to use your app to contact support if you have other issues with an order. A few examples of possible issues are listed below:

  • The merchant is closed.

  • The order has already been picked up or is not ready.

  • The merchant says they have not received the order.

If you arrive at the merchant and discover you are unable to transport all of the items, please contact support.

New York City only: If you are on a bicycle or two-wheel vehicle, the merchant can use their Uber tablet to request another delivery person to help transport some of the items.