How do I deliver a large order?

What is a large order?

Large orders (>20 items) placed with Uber Eats give delivery people the opportunity to deliver high value orders to their customers.

If you accept a large order delivery request, you may receive a phone call from our live support informing you that your order has over 20 items and confirming if you are willing to deliver the order.

Who places large orders?

Many of Uber’s business customers use Uber for Business to place large orders for daily in-office meals as well as meetings and events.

These are high-value orders that, on average, typically result in higher pay compared to smaller orders.

Merchants and customers appreciate you taking extra care both in transporting from the merchant to the delivery location as well as in dropping off the order to the customer.

Business customers are often located in larger office buildings, and they will provide you with special instructions to help ensure a successful delivery.

Why are large order deliveries important?

Customers tell us that because they are often placing these large orders for daily in-office meals or larger meetings and events, it is very important that their orders are not delivered late or canceled.

While this may require more effort to deliver each large order, delivery people have typically received higher average pay and tips for these orders.*

In the links below, we will provide some tips for delivery people who choose to accept these orders and provide detailed information about some of the common drop-off setups in office buildings.

*Based on an analysis of courier pay and tips from all business orders in the U.S. and Canada in October 2021. Any tips you earn are an addition to your trip earnings, and the final tip amount will be reflected in Trip Details an hour after completing the trip. For more information on how earnings are calculated, click here.

More information and FAQs on handling and delivering large orders