Completing a Large Order Drop-off

Most customers who place large orders select the “Meet at Door” option, followed by custom delivery instructions describing the drop-off setup to you.

Additional instructions may have been provided by the customer, and they will often describe a specific drop-off person or location where they would like you to leave the order.

It may also take more time to deliver these orders, so looking for parking could be helpful. Some customers may also provide parking information as part of their delivery instructions.

Please see below for a few examples of common drop-off setups.

Customer’s App Selections

Option 1) Meet at Door

  • Deliver to floor/Suite (Example: Additional Delivery instructions: ‘Suite 130,’ or ‘8th floor, Company X’)

  • Security Desk (Example: Additional Delivery instructions: ‘Leave with lobby security,’ or ‘Leave with security on 2nd floor)

  • Shelf Drop-Off (Example: Additional Delivery instructions: ‘Leave on shelf in lobby under Company X name’ or ‘Leave on shelf in Suite 220, last names A-E’)

  • Building Runner (designated order receiver (Example: Additional Delivery instructions: ‘Deliver to building runner [Name] in lobby’)

  • Meet at Door (no custom instructions) (Example: In this instance, you can treat this like any other order and contact your customer on arrival via the app.)

Option 2) Meet Outside

  • Like any other order, you can contact your customer on arrival via the app.

Option 3) Leave at Door

  • Like any other order, you can contact your customer on arrival via the app.

  • Customers have told us they appreciate when delivery people confirm which door/area to leave food at before leaving food unattended.