Uber Direct: Item Delivery Overview

UBER DIRECT Delivery drivers can now opt in for item delivery opportunities from participating organizations in select cities using the Uber app.* This new way to earn is optional, and only delivery drivers who choose to opt in to the pilot and choose to accept the terms and conditions, will receive item delivery opportunities.

Please note: Opting into the Uber Direct is fully optional and will not affect your ability to receive other requests within the Uber app. If you no longer wish to deliver items for any reason, you can opt out of receiving item delivery requests at any time by contacting our support team.

DELIVERING ITEMS Item deliveries work differently than regular deliveries with Uber Eats:

  • Items may be as large as a large suitcase.
  • Items may be as heavy as 50 pounds per package.
  • Items may include a variety of items such as documents, equipment, small auto parts, or household items.
  • Returns may be requested by the sender.


  • If you receive a delivery request, the offer card will say ‘Delivery - Package’ at the top of the card.
  • Once the delivery is accepted you will receive relevant package information on the order information screen, beneath any notes from the requesting organization.
  • You may cancel a delivery request for any reason, including an item that you may not be able to lift or that may not fit in your vehicle.
  • If you would like additional details on the item(s), please contact the requesting organization.
  • If you are unable to locate the customer at dropoff or otherwise complete the delivery instructions, you may be prompted to return the item to the sender and will earn for your time.

Step 1 - Picking up items. - Organizations may provide extra pick up information - Helpful notes from the organization can be found in the app under Note from Business. They may include details like where to park or which door to use at both pick up and drop off.

Item Details - Relevant item information can be found on the order information screen. There might be instances where there are multiple items under one order.

Step 2 - Handling items. - Organizations may list handling guidelines - Organizations may outline certain delivery preferences that promote item safety.

Step 3 - Dropping off items. - Customers often provide specific delivery notes

Similar to regular deliveries with Uber Eats, customers like to choose where to meet you. Some will ask that you deliver right to their door, while others may want to meet you outside.

You can choose to tap the arrow on the bottom banner to bring up delivery information that may have been provided by the sender. If you can’t find the recipient or otherwise complete the dropoff instructions, you can call the sender for assistance.

If you can’t reach the sender after 8 minutes and cannot otherwise complete the dropoff instructions, you can tap on the red triangle to navigate to the screen for reporting an issue. The app may prompt you to return the item(s) to the sender. Additional fares for the return trip, outside of the initial delivery, will be added to the total amount you earn for the trip after you return the item(s)

*Cities and availability subject to change at any time and without notice.