Merchant submitted menu catalog photo guidelines

Cover photos

Meet these requirements to ensure your uploaded cover photos are accepted.

Guidelines for cover photos:

  • Aesthetically pleasing pictures
  • Margins must fill the expected dimension (2880 pixel width and 2304 pixel height)
  • Use a JPEG format with a 5:4 aspect ratio
  • Picture must be centered, leveled, and properly cropped
  • Display products and/or meals that will be available for customers to buy
  • Cover image must contain items relevant to the storefront (example: flowers for a florist) with a simple background (wood, stone, marble, etc.)
  • Brand names are allowed as long as they don’t overpower the image and that you own or have the right to use the name or logo (pro tip: use the name in a soft font to the side if you want to)
  • We don’t recommend using images that include people (including minors, celebrities, and employees), as this would require their image authorization
  • Consider politically correct images when displaying products for adults (like alcohol)

What photos shouldn’t look like:

  • Only the logo
  • Banned words for store name
  • Have text that’s not a logo
  • Logos or text other than the store name (including the Uber Eats logo)
  • Blurry pictures that don’t clearly show products offered by the store
  • Not bright or in focus
  • Low saturation or brightness
  • Harsh shadows or glaring sunlight
  • Black and white
  • Only a single product sold at your store
  • Overly cluttered or pile items on top of each other (like a collage) or items aren’t easily identifiable
  • Building storefront or interior
  • Animals, people, etc.
  • Objects other than the product being sold at the store
  • The store’s scenery
  • Items that don’t represent the merchant category. This includes people in cover taking away the product/message of the store.
  • Pictures that contain one or more restricted items unless an exception applies
  • No smoke-related products (including tobacco, vapes, cigars, CBD, and e-cigars)
  • No infant formula (blocked from marketing)
  • No items that need a prescription
  • For alcohol, images must be referential, with no particular brand displayed. Otherwise, a health warning is required.

Item photos

Meet these requirements to ensure your uploaded item photos are accepted:

Images must:

  • Accurately represent a single item from your Uber Eats Menu
  • Be framed in the center (items should not appear at the corners or off frame)
  • Be between 5:4 and 6:4 aspect ratio (recommended)
  • Own and or have the right to use your images

Images cannot:

  • Contain more than 1 single item (i.e a menu for example, photos for pizza should display only pizza; not pizza and hamburgers)
  • Depict people (except for hands)
  • Be blurry or out of focus
  • Have strong shadows or insufficient lighting
  • Depict an unsanitary environment (including dirty surfaces, plating/packaging, or used cutlery)
  • Contain logos or watermarks
  • Contain any text/words
  • Infringe anyone else’s rights with respect to such images
    • Exceptions for logos/text on food items the merchant sells or on packaging/plating, but no profanities allowed

File requirements:

  • File type = jpg, png, gif
  • Max 10 MB size
  • Height: 440-10,000 pixels
  • Width: 550-10,000 pixels

Why did my photo get rejected?

Your photo might have been rejected because it did not adhere to the guidelines above. Once you’ve edited your photo, you can submit it again for approval.

By uploading photos, you (1) represent and warrant that you have usage rights and don’t violate any 3rd party rights; (2) sub-license the right to such photos to Uber, including the right to modify photos without permission; and (3) release Uber from liability relating to such photos.

See this article for guidelines on uploading new photos.

See this article to learn how to add photos to your menu or catalog.