Booking Fee

What is a “booking fee”?

Booking fee means “pickup fee”, will be charged to riders who requested a ride and be paid to a taxi company.

Where are the areas where a booking fee is charged?

In Tokyo / Chiba / Kanagawa / Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe / Fukuyama / Kanazawa / Sapporo, a booking fee will be charged for Uber Taxi, Kaga Rides and Uber Private Car.

How much is a booking fee?

The amount of a booking fee varies depending on the taxi company. You can check the amount on the app when requesting a ride. Please note that the estimated fare on the app does not include the booking fee.

Please see here for a booking fee of Kaga Rides.

Is a booking fee charged even though I use the Uber app to request a ride?

Yes. Some taxi companies charge a booking fee for Uber Taxi when riders use the Uber app in Tokyo / Chiba / Kanagawa / Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe / Fukuyama / Kanazawa / Sapporo. A booking fee will also be charged when you ride Kaga Rides or Uber Private Car.


  • Your trip fare may vary depending on a partner company’s base fare or other additional fees just like when using a taxi in general.
  • A booking fee is separate from the meter fee and will be charged in addition to the meter fee.
  • The estimated fare on the Uber app is only an estimate. The estimated fare may differ from the actual fare since some factors like discounts, geography or traffic congestion are not reflected in the estimated fare.
  • Taxi tickets are not issued by Uber and cannot be used for a trip with Uber.
  • A surcharge (travel business handling fee) will be charged in addition to the current meter fee for the Uber Taxi from Tokyo 23 wards. Please refer to this page for more details about the surcharge.
  • Not all taxi companies (partner companies) in Japan adopt a booking fee. Some partner companies don’t charge a booking fee.

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