Am I charged for canceling?

Riders and drivers can cancel a trip for any reason consistent with our Community Guidelines. Please note that failure to comply with Uber's policies (including Community Guidelines) may result in a driver canceling and a rider being charged a cancellation fee.


NOTE: Cancellation fees vary by location. In some cases, your cancellation fees will be based on how far the driver has already driven and how long it took the driver to arrive at your pickup location:

-You cancel after a driver has already accepted your request

-Your driver cancels after waiting at the pickup location waiting at the pickup location for a specific amount of time. These wait times vary depending on which Uber product you have requested:

  • Share: 2 minutes
  • UberX and UberXL: 7 minutes
  • Uber Comfort and Premier: 10 minutes
  • Uber Black: 15 minutes

NO SURPRISES You’ll always be shown the exact fee when you cancel a trip before you confirm your cancellation.

REPEAT CANCELLATIONS To keep the app running smoothly for everyone, you may be charged a cancellation fee when you cancel trips more than once in a short period of time. Additionally, you may not be able to request a ride temporarily.

REQUESTING A REFUND If you believe you were incorrectly charged a cancellation fee, request a refund through the link below.