Cancelling an Uber Trip

You can cancel a trip in the app before or after you’re matched with a driver.

Riders and drivers can cancel a trip for any reason consistent with our Community Guidelines. Please note that failure to comply with Uber’s policies (including Community Guidelines) may result in a driver cancelling and a rider being charged a cancellation fee.

How to cancel before you’re matched with a driver

  1. Tap the white bar at the bottom of your screen that says “Finding your ride.”
  2. Tap “Cancel.”
  3. Tap “No” to keep your ride, or “Yes, Cancel” to cancel.

How to cancel after you’re matched with a driver

  1. Tap the bar at the bottom of your screen showing your driver’s information.
  2. Tap “Cancel Trip.”
  3. Tap “No” to keep the ride, or “Yes, Cancel” to cancel and accept the fee.

How to change or cancel your scheduled ride

  1. Tap your profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Tap “Trips.”
  3. Tap the button in the top right and select “Upcoming” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the trip you’d like to change or cancel.
  5. Tap “Edit time” to change your ride, or “Cancel Ride” to cancel.

A cancellation fee may apply if you cancel after you’re matched with a driver.

Note: Cancellation fees vary by location and may increase depending on how busy it is. In some cases, your cancellation fees will be based on how far the driver has already driven, how long it took the driver to arrive at your pickup location, and the time your driver has been waiting. These fees pay earners for the time and effort they spend getting to your location.

If you believe you were charged a cancellation fee in error, let us know in the Review my cancellation fee form below. This might happen if your driver canceled the trip instead of ending it, or if they cancelled because they were too far away from your pickup location.