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Dispute my wait time fee

As a rider, it's a good practice to only request a ride when you're near the pickup location and ready to meet the driver.

In some cities, there is a charge for riders who are 2 or more minutes late to their pickup spot. This fee will begin accumulating 2 minutes (5 minutes for Black or Black SUV trips) after your driver arrives. The fee is based on the per-minute wait time rate that is applicable in that city. To see the per-minute wait time rate, ensure you are logged in and run a price estimate. Select a vehicle type and then click the info button to see a complete fare breakdown with the per minute wait time fee charge below. The wait time fee is automatically applied to your trip, and you'll see it on your trip receipt.
If you want to run the price estimate, we recommend using the link below
If your trip is canceled and you are charged a cancellation fee, you will not be charged for wait time. Additionally, this fee may not apply to airports or certain other venues.

If you receive a notification that the driver has arrived, but you cannot find them, we recommend that you contact them through text or call them directly from the app.

For improved pickups, you can enable sharing your physical GPS location. This helps drivers know if you are coming towards them, or where to look for you if your pin is not in the exact location.

To share your live location with the driver:

1. Tap the circle icon near the bottom right corner of the map once you've been assigned a driver
2. After you click "Confirm", drivers will see your live location from the time you request a trip until the start of your trip
3. Your location is only shared until your trip begins or canceled
If you feel you were unfairly charged a wait time fee, please let us know by selecting the appropriate toggles below:
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