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Enabling or disabling Uber credits

If you have Uber credit on your account, it can be automatically applied to trip fares and cancellation fees. You can always see how much credit you have on your account by selecting "Payment" from your app menu.

You can toggle credit On or Off after you've set your destination and before you select your vehicle option.

1. Tap the white credit bar above the black REQUEST button and then tap "Change payment method."
2. On the "Payment Options" screen, use the slider on the bar next to your credit amount.
3. Slide to the left to toggle credit Off. Slide to the right to toggle credit On.

Please note that once the trip has been requested, you cannot toggle your credit On or Off. If you wish to switch your payment method, tap HELP in your app to let us know. We'll be happy to switch it for you.

When you're charged a fare or fee greater than your credit amount, your selected payment method is charged the remaining balance. You can select or add your preferred payment method before or during a trip.