How to request a ride / get a price estimate

Here’s how to request a ride in the Uber app:

  1. Open your app and enter your destination in the “Where to?” field.
  2. Swipe up to see all vehicle options available in your area. Tap one to select it for your ride, then tap “Choose Uber X” (button will be your vehicle selection).
  3. You may be asked to confirm your pickup location. If so, move the pin on the map, or select from a list of locations. Tap “Confirm Pickup” to send your request to eligible drivers in the area.
  4. If you’re not asked to confirm your pickup, tap “Confirm UberX” (button will be your vehicle selection) to send your request to eligible drivers in the area.
  5. You’ll see an estimated time to be matched with an eligible driver. If no drivers are available for the type of ride you’ve chosen, the app will suggest an alternate ride type with available drivers nearby.
  6. Once a driver accepts your request, you’ll see their location and estimated time of arrival on the map.

The app will notify you if no drivers are available for your request.

Uber will send you notifications when your driver is close to your pickup location.

In some cities, you can request a ride with multiple stops.

You can also save your favorite locations to request rides faster:

Adding saved places on IOS

Adding saved places on Android