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Identify yourself as a passenger with an assistance animal

Service Assistance Program (SAP) information page

You may choose to identify yourself as a person who travels with an assistance animal. This unlocks certain features designed to improve your experience when riding with Uber, including:
- Tracking of driver-partner initiated cancellations involving service animals
- Getting priority support by our dedicated customer service team in the event that your trip does not go to plan
- Reminding driver-partners of their legal obligation to accept riders with an assistance animal

If in the future you no longer wish to be identified, you may opt-out at any time via this Help Article. If you do this, Uber will no longer involve you in the program and the above features will no longer apply to your Uber profile. You may opt in again at any time.

Once you've toggled one of the options below and clicked "Submit", your Uber account will be updated. You'll also receive a confirmation email when program features are live and active on your account.

For more information about Uber's privacy practices, please see the website below.
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