Using Uber for Business as an employee

Uber for Business works with your existing Uber rider account, allowing you to separate your travel for personal, business, or other purposes by selecting the appropriate profile you wish to travel with.

If you're joining your company's business account, you'll accept an email invitation by creating an Uber account or signing in to your existing Uber account. Visit the article below for more details.

Your company's account admin has access to a dashboard that displays the following information about trips charged to the account:

- Pickup location and destination
- Selected vehicle option
- Date and time of the trip's start and end
- Trip duration
- Applied expense code (if applicable)

NOTE: The company admin will never see details about trips taken on your personal profile.

Each time you take a trip using your company's Uber for Business account, you might have to enter an expense code and memo (if the admin set rules for doing so).

For more information on expense codes and memos, see the article below.

If you have questions on using the account, please reach out to the company admin.

If you're new to Uber, visit the help section below for tips on using the app.