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Using Uber for Business as an employee

You can use Uber for Business with your existing Uber rider account. Use the same email and password to sign in. You can separate your travel for personal, business, or other purposes by selecting the appropriate profile you wish to travel with.

Each time you take a trip using your company’s Uber for Business account, you’ll have the option of entering in an expense code and memo. If your company admin has made the expense code and memo field mandatory, you’ll be required to complete this info before you can complete the trip request.

If your company admin has not made this mandatory, you can enter an expense code and memo using the EXPENSE INFO tab at the bottom of your screen after you’ve requested a ride.

Please note the expense memo must be filled out before the trip ends. It cannot be retroactively filled out afterward​. An applied expense code will be noted in your monthly statement and trip receipts.

Your company’s Uber for Business admin account displays information about trips charged to it. Each trip summary includes:
- pickup location and destination
- selected vehicle option
- date and time of the trip’s start and end
- trip duration
- applied expense code if applicable

Please note that you can use your app to add a trip memo that will be visible to your company’s Uber for Business admin. Info about trips with fares paid by your personal payment account will not be shared with this admin.