Repeat Group Orders FAQ

What are repeat group orders?

Repeat group orders let order creators create group orders that repeat certain days of the week. The order creator gets to choose what day(s) the order repeats on - weekly, every weekday, or custom.

While anyone can create repeat group orders, they typically are popular with business consumers who want to order from the same restaurant to provide meals on a repeating basis for their employees.

What restaurants fulfill repeat group orders?

All restaurants have group ordering enabled, and repeat group orders is an add-on feature to group ordering; therefore, all restaurants should be able to accept repeat group orders.

However, some restaurants may have limits on the maximum number of people that can join a given order. This maximum number typically is around 100+ people so most eaters will not have to worry about hitting the maximum number.

How do I create a repeat group order?

You can place a repeat group order by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Sign in to the Uber Eats app or visit
  2. Pick a restaurant you want to order from
  3. Select “Group order” in the app or “Start group order” on
  4. Edit the details of the group order if you’d like, such as the delivery address, set a routine, an optional deadline for everyone to select their items, or an optional spending limit. You can also choose to pay for everyone or split the bill.
  5. If you set a routine for the order, you can edit the frequency, delivery days, and repeat group orders to place at recurring times

* Select the option directly below the delivery address to select whether you want the group order to repeat. By default, this will say “Does not repeat” but order creators can tap and select the frequency they would like the order to repeat (some default options are shown, including every weekday, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly, but creators can select a custom frequency as well)

* Order creators also can choose if they want there to be an “end date” after which the order no longer repeats, or if they would prefer for the order to repeat indefinitely

  1. Select “Share a link”. This will give you a link to send to everyone in your group
  2. Add your own items
  3. Once everyone else has added their items, select “View” order and “Go to checkout”
  4. If the group order is ready, select “Lock order & continue”. By locking it, guests can’t edit or add more items. If it’s not ready, select “Go back”
  5. Review the delivery details again and click “Next”
  6. Select “Place group order”

How do participants place their orders?

Participants join a repeat group order in the same way as joining a normal group order - by clicking a link that the order creator will send out to order participants.

How can I skip an order for a particular week?

To skip an entire order, order creators can look at their carts in the Uber Eats app / website. The Repeat Group Order will be shown on one line, but after tapping/clicking on it, from the carts screen, the creator will then be shown all future repeat group orders in one page. Beneath each future Repeat Group Order date, there will be a skip order button that the creator can select to skip the order for that date.

Order participants should be able to find the order in their carts screen and remove items as they would for any regular group order before the order is placed.

What happens if a courier cancels an order?

If the courier cancels in-app, Uber Eats automatically dispatches another courier. If 4 couriers cancel in-app, the order is permanently canceled and consumers are notified so they can place a new order.

What happens if an item is missing or incorrect?

Participants can contact support directly for the appropriate refunds. For large group orders, a dedicated support team interacts with restaurants and couriers to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Note: If you would still like the item to be delivered, you will be required to place a new order.

  • Please note, for the “Creator pays for everyone” option, only the order creator can receive a refund or appeasement.
  • With the “Guests pay for themselves,” option, participants must individually call support to request a refund.

What happens if an order is canceled?

If you cancel your order, you will receive a refund only if you cancel before the restaurant starts prepping the order. You may not receive a refund if you cancel after the restaurant has started prepping the order.

If your order is canceled by the restaurant or courier, you will receive a refund.