How to Place a Group Order

When you initiate a group order you can choose if you want the order to repeat by default. Order creators can choose if there should be an “end date” after which the order no longer repeats, or if they would prefer for the order to repeat indefinitely.

How to place a group order?

  1. Sign in to the Uber Eats app or visit
  2. Pick a merchant you want to order from.
  3. Select “Group order” in the app or “Start group order” on
  4. Edit the details of the group order if you’d like, such as the delivery address, set a routine, an optional deadline for everyone to select their items, or an optional spending limit.
  5. You can also choose to pay for everyone or split the bill.
  6. If you set a routine for the order, you can edit the frequency, delivery days, and the routine start and end dates.
  7. Select “Share a link”. This will give you a link to send to everyone in your group.
  8. Add your own items.
  9. Once everyone else has added their items, select “View order” and “Go to checkout”.
  10. If the group order is ready, select “Lock order & continue”. By locking it, guests can’t edit or add more items. If it’s not ready, select “Go back”.
  11. Review the delivery details again and click “Next”.
  12. Select “Place group order”.

How to join a group order?

  1. Open the text message you receive to join the group order.
  2. Tap “Join order”.
  3. Add your items to the cart.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I select a payment method?

There are two payment methods for group orders:

  1. “You pay for everybody:” Group orders default to this option. If you are an admin that manages the budget, this is the best group order option for you, because it allows you to set an order limit.
  2. “Guests pay for themselves:” Participants pay for their own order, taxes, and fees. Each participant will have to be logged into their Uber Eats account to provide payment information.‌ Please note that an order can be split a maximum of 18 ways.

What is a Bill Split Order?

A Bill Split Order is a group order but each order participant pays for their own order.