Updating business account settings

Uber Program Administrators can update business account settings at business.uber.com.

Account tab: * Profile display name: Change account display name (appears as business profile name to riders). * For Uber Health and Central, the profile display name will show in the text messages to riders. The company name will show on billing statements. * Contact details: * Email address * Phone number * Deactivate account: Allows admins to deactivate account.

Settings tab:

  • General includes:
    • System language: Choose the language for statements and emails
    • Opt-In Invite Settings: Update invite related settings like editing trusted domains and approving requests
  • Notifications: Enable or disable receipt forwarding to selected individuals for all business account trips
  • Integrations: Update applicable integrations such as Concur, SFTP, SCIM and Single Sign-On
  • Billing includes:
    • Manage expense codes: Update expense code settings
    • Tax information: Find billing and invoice information

If employees need help switching between business and personal profiles, direct them to this help article.