Upfront pricing FAQ

How does upfront pricing work?

If upfront pricing is available in your city, you’ll see an upfront price (on your dashboard) when requesting a ride.

We’ll provide an estimated price range for flexible rides and locations where upfront pricing isn’t available.

In some cities, upfront pricing is only available for real-time rides.

Why wasn’t I charged the upfront price?

In some rare cases, the price you’re charged might differ from the upfront price you saw when booking the trip.

This can happen if:

  • The destination changed mid-trip
  • There were unanticipated delays (like an accident) that caused route changes
  • The driver paid a toll that wasn’t included in the upfront price

Upfront prices are based on the exact pickup and dropoff locations that you enter. If a rider or driver changes a trip, our system will switch to charging based on your vehicle option and the time and distance of the actual trip, including any base rates, booking fees, surcharges, and tolls.

In rare situations, we may adjust your payment after a trip. This can happen if, for example, the driver notified us that they paid in cash a different toll rate than our default reimbursement rate, or took a toll road that wasn’t on the predicted route.

To see if a trip price changed from the upfront price on Central, select the trip from Activity on your dashboard. You’ll also see the final payment on the CSV file of the exported trip report.

On Uber Health, if a payment was adjusted after the trip, it will show as an adjustment in the CSV that you can download from Past rides.

If a trip price changed and you think it was a mistake, contact support and we’ll be in touch to help.