Delivering large orders

How to Deliver a large order with Uber Eats

When delivering a large order, customers usually prefer that you meet them at their door. They may also provide custom delivery instructions to assist you. Here are tips to help ensure a smooth delivery:

Meeting the customer at their door

  • Check custom instructions: Customers often give details on where or to whom you should deliver the order. Examples include a specific floor, suite, or a person designated to receive the order
  • Delivery locations:
  • Deliver to a specific floor or suite. Example: “Deliver to Suite 130” or “8th floor, Company X”
  • Leave with security. Example: “Leave with lobby security” or “Security on 2nd floor”
  • Place on a designated shelf. Example: “Leave on shelf in lobby under Company X name” or “In Suite 220, last names A-E”
  • Hand to a building runner. Example: “Deliver to building runner [Name] in lobby”

If no custom instructions are given, contact the customer through the app upon arrival, as usual.

Parking tips for large orders

  • It may take longer to deliver large orders, so finding parking might be necessary. Some customers include parking tips in their delivery instructions—look out for these

Customer’s app selections

  • Meet at Door: Most customers will choose this. Follow any custom instructions provided
  • Meet Outside: Contact the customer through the app when you arrive, just as you would for any order
  • Leave at Door: Confirm with the customer which door or area to leave the food at before doing so, to ensure it’s left in the right spot

Remember, clear communication with the customer is essential, especially for large orders. If in doubt, use the app to contact them.

Deliver a large order

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