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Can't go online to drive

First, let’s confirm you’re in the right place. For Uber Eats delivery, please click here for help.

If you are unable to go online, please check these common reasons:

Network connectivity

It’s possible that you’re in an area with limited or unavailable cellular network coverage. Try heading to a different location with better coverage.

Using an old app version or device operating system

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app often resolves the issue.

Account limitations

  1. You’re driving outside the service area of your sign-up city
  2. Your rating is too low
  3. (if driving in the US & Canada) You exceeded the driving time limit for your location

Changes to your account status

Check your email (including spam folder) for “A Message From Uber” and the Inbox section of your app for any communications from Uber about why you’re unable to go online.

Common reasons include:

  1. Documents expired or need to be re-uploaded
  2. Recently uploaded new documents are pending review
  3. Expired background check or it’s pending review
  4. Account on hold

If you’re still having issues after checking the points above, please fill out the fields below and we’ll be in touch to help.

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