Can I sell alcohol on Uber Eats if I am POS integrated?

Uber Eats allows stores that are POS integrated with approved providers and have valid liquor licenses to sell alcohol through the Uber Eats App in select cities.* The store’s liquor licence must allow for delivery under state/province and local regulations.

Approved POS providers:

Note: Uber does not own or maintain these websites, if you have specific questions please reach out to your integrator.

Non-approved integrations

At this time, other POS systems/ integrators (besides those listed above) are not approved for alcohol delivery on Uber Eats. The Uber Eats app will not trigger the age, identification, and sobriety flow checks for orders that contain alcohol items listed through non-approved providers. A licensee may be liable for any related penalties, including those for sales to a minor.

Custom integrations

If you have a custom POS integration with Uber Eats, please work with your account manager to ensure the integration is properly configured and approved before adding alcohol to your menu.

Steps to add alcohol to your menu:

Once you’ve confirmed with Uber Eats that you are eligible to add alcohol to your menu, work directly with your POS provider to upload alcohol items to your menu in a compliant manner.

Required item naming convention

To ensure your alcohol items are compliant and trackable in our system for support, follow this naming standard:

[Alcohol Title], [optional: quantity]-[volume] [optional: container type] [category] [[xx.x%] ABV]

  • Example #1: White Claw Black Cherry, 6pk-12oz can hard seltzer (5.0% ABV)
  • Example #2: Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, 750mL red wine (13.5% ABV)
  • Example #3: Budweiser, 16oz can beer (5.0% ABV)

Alcohol Tags

Work with your POS provider to ensure you have tagged the alcohol items properly so they trigger the age, identification, and sobriety flow when ordered by a customer to ensure the tagging was done properly, visit your menu in the Uber Eats App and confirm that the alcohol disclaimer is appearing on all alcohol items in a live city.

Tax Rates

If you are POS integrated and sell alcohol on the Uber Eats platform, you will be automatically opted into Vertex to ensure multiple tax rates are applied to items.

Alcohol Sales Hours

The hours you sell alcohol are determined by your liquor license and local regulations; however, we also require alcohol items to be turned off one hour before the store closes (even if your license hours are longer) to give a delivery person time to complete a return if there’s a failed delivery.

Sale of Food with Alcohol

If your liquor license requires the sale of food with alcohol, work directly with your POS provider to ensure this is triggered properly on the back end. This requires a unique configuration. You can test this by adding only alcohol to your cart in the Uber Eats App it should restrict you from checking out until you have added food as well.


If you have any questions about the sale of alcohol through the Uber Eats App, please reach out to your account manager or

*Licensing mandates can vary by jurisdiction. Subject to the store reviewing and accepting Uber Eat’s Ts&Cs related to alcohol sales.

**Do not add alcohol to a menu without first working with Uber Eats. Alcohol listed on accounts that have not signed the Uber Eats alcohol terms will be removed and the account could be subject to termination from the platform. You are responsible for complying with all applicable liquor laws, regulations and policies as it relates to the sale and service of alcohol products.