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Privacy protection for riders

At Uber, we value your trust and want to share how we help protect your privacy.

Drivers never see:

- Your last name
- Your phone number, even when you call or text the driver using the Uber app
- The rating you give them
- Your profile picture

In most markets:

- Before accepting a trip, the driver only sees your approximate pickup location*
- After your trip ends, address details are removed and drivers only see the approximate location of your pickup and dropoff

*More on approximate pickup and dropoff locations: The type of approximate pickup and dropoff location shown to drivers varies based on address structures in your market, local regulations and driver loyalty programs. Some examples of approximate location formats include: Cross-Street, Street Name, Point of Interest and Special Formats such as the terminal and door number you should meet at for an airport pickup.


You don't need to turn on your device's location services to use the Uber app. However, certain features, like sharing your trip with trusted contacts, require location information to work.

If you don't use location services, you can still use Uber by manually entering your pickup and dropoff locations in the app. You can also use cross streets or landmarks instead of an address.

You can choose whether to use location services in the privacy settings of your Uber app.


You can view and explore a summary of information about your account, which can include conversations in the app, number of trips taken, Uber Eats order details, and more.
Deleting your Uber account deletes your data from Uber's systems. However, Uber may retain certain information after account deletion as required or permitted by law.
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