Large orders on Uber Eats

A large order on UberEats contains more than 20 items. Large orders are usually of high value and may offer delivery people higher pay and tips.

Things to know about large orders

  • Upon accepting a large order, Uber Eats support might call to confirm you can handle the delivery
  • Business customers often place large orders for office meals and events
  • Large orders may have special instructions to help you navigate office buildings and ensure a smooth delivery
  • On-time delivery is crucial for customers whose orders are for meetings and office meals
  • Delivering large orders typically comes with higher pay and tips. Tips are updated an hour after delivery.

Helpful tips and information

  • Learn more about handling large orders with this helpful FAQ guide. You’ll find tips on handling large orders and understand common drop-off procedures in office buildings, including merchant pick-up, transporting items, and completing drop-offs.
  • Learn how tips work
  • Learn how earnings are calculated

We hope these FAQs and tips will help you manage large orders easier and earn higher tips from business customers thanks to your exceptional service.